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… the world’s leading and largest platform for cutting edge contemporary character design and art.
Since 1999 we’ve been examining, accompanying and pushing forward the latest tendencies of a style defining visual vocabulary: Character Design.

2Cute2Fail Call for Entries by Eyedesyn


they are the key graphical language to establish global communication, speak emotionally, bypass linguistic and cultural barriers, and are dominant in all visual genres and media – from illustration to animation, interactive to games design, robotics to fashion, urban to fine arts.

Scarygirl by Nathan Jurevicius

Characters R Us

Over the years Pictoplasma has grown a grassroots network of 600k+ international character designers, artists and visionaries – both offline and online – and collaborated with companies and brands such as Adobe, Nike, Uniqlo, Jonson&Jonson or WIX to enhance their reach and accommodate their character needs.

Character by Laurie Rowan


… in the perfect pole-position to offer hand-tailored proposals and concepts for any company or brand, no matter what size.
We’re able to help amplify your message with character – without selling out our character community, can enable you to tap into a growing scene of leading illustrators, artists and animators, find the pitch-perfect anthropomorphic vocabulary for your message, or place you in the field of view of a lively scene of worldwide makers and creatives, trailblazing the face of tomorrow’s visual culture…

PictoFolio by Phil Hart


Pictoplasma IRL

Each spring the annual Pictoplasma Conference transforms Berlin into the #1 meeting point for a global scene of 900+ key players, artists and creatives. 
Referred to as ‘The Glastonbury of moving image’ by It’s Nice That, the event showcases the latest design trends in focused artist talks, features workshops, panel discussions, art happenings and networking opportunities, and attracts a broad local, enthusiastic festival audience of 20k+ visitors with numerous immersive exhibitions, animation screenings and all night parties throughout Berlin.

Pictoplasma Berlin Conference

On the other side of the globe, in collaboration with prestigious Parsons School for Design, a second annual conference brings Pictoplasma to New York City, while further tour stops and curated exhibitions at prestigious international art institutions – from Spain to Mexico, France to Tasmania – spread Pictoplasma’s investigations into visual culture to a broad global audience, reaching more than 100.000 visitors to date.

Pictoplasma Holographic Installation Character Proximity


Pictoplasma ONLINE is not just the online extension of our offline events.
It’s our 24/7 open, one-stop home for a global community to meet, stay in touch, exchange ideas, share their latest creation and get instant feedback, and fuel up on inspiration with an expanding archive of VoD artist talks and creative resources.
Regular live streaming events, such as the broadcast of the annual conference, allow to reach a large audience of worldwide character enthusiasts, with up to 20k unique viewers per streaming event.

FaceOff Call for Entries by Matt Sharp

crowd knowledge  >  AI

Several times per year Pictoplasma activates its worldwide community to inquire into the contemporary global visual unconsciousness – by releasing thematic calls for entries, character prompts and creative challenges, from illustration to animation.

FaceOff Call for Entries Exhibition

With thousands and thousands of submissions per call, underlying trends and reoccurring motives become apparent, helping to determine shifts in design trends, emerging patterns and cultural differences in the perception and depiction of characters and iconic visuals.

FaceOff Call for Entries Tinder App

For All Your Character Needs 

With a long history of hosting international events, curating exhibitions and publishing best-selling book compilations and periodicals, we are in the unique position to offer companies tailored proposals how to bring character to their brand, help them determine the perfect visual match to amplify their message, or introduce their services to a global, dynamic community of makers and creators.

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